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Somatoform Disorders, Pain Due to Stress

Somatoform disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by a set of physical symptoms that are erratic and not visible on physical examination. Stress can cause chest or back pain, fatigue, dizziness, or feeling unwell with no known cause. This may be a sign of somatoform disorder. Somatoform disorder is a group of psychiatric disorders in which we can feel the symptoms of physical pain that is evident in our body, but after being examined by a doctor, it was found no physical abnormalities. Although no source of disease can be found, the pain felt is real and not imagination. This somatoform disorder can occur when we are stressed or have a lot of thoughts. To diagnose somatoform disorders, doctors need to do a complete and thorough medical examination to find the cause of the complaint.

Causes of Somatoform Disorders

The relationship between body and mind so far has not been fully understood. Until now, no one knows for sure why somatoform disorders can occur. There are opinions that say that this happens because there is a problem with nerve impulses that send signals of pain, stress, and other unpleasant sensations to the brain. Somatoform disorders tend to disappear arising from time to time and decrease in the family. This disorder is more common in people who abuse alcohol and drugs, also in those who have a tendency to think negatively, be sensitive to pain both physically and emotionally, have a history of sexual abuse or have been a victim of physical violence.

Types of Somatoform Disorders

If further specified, somatoform disorders can be divided into five types, namely:
  • Somatization disorder

  • This disorder generally occurs at the age of 18-30 years and lasts for years. Sufferers have many physical symptoms in various parts of the body, such as digestive disorders, abdominal pain, nausea, headaches, fatigue, sexual problems, to problems around menstruation. Somatization disorder is unknown what causes it. To be sure, this disorder can greatly affect or affect daily life and occurs more in women than men. People with this disorder often get referrals to various specialists and undergo many tests, because no physical abnormalities were found to explain the symptoms.
  • Hypochondriasis

  • Hypochondriasis sufferers are always worried if they have a serious illness. They believe that their symptoms are signs of a very serious medical illness. For example, believe suffering from a brain tumor due to headaches, or suspicion of getting skin cancer when there is a small rash on his skin.
  • Conversion interruption

  • In conversion disorders, sufferers have symptoms that indicate a serious disease of the brain or nerves, but cannot be traced to their medical causes. Somatoform disorders this one tends to occur at the age of 18-30 years and can be repeated from time to time. Various symptoms of conversion disorders include numbness, hearing impaired or unable to hear, blindness, abnormal body movements such as tremors or unsteadiness when walking, or even paralyzed. These signs can get worse if you are stressed. The symptoms last for several weeks, but there are also those whose symptoms persist for a longer period of time.
  • Body dysmorphic disorder

  • If we spend a lot of time worrying about the appearance of the body, maybe we suffer from body dysmorphic disorders. Sufferers of somatoform disorder feel they have a physical disability, when in fact it does not. For example, sufferers feel they have a strange ear shape, even though the shape of the ear is normal. Or it does have a small disability, but tends to exaggerate fears of the defect.
  • Pain disorder

  • Pain disorder is a condition where we feel persistent pain that has nothing to do with physical illness. The main symptom of this somatoform disorder is pain. Psychological factors contribute to the attack, the severity and duration of the disease.

Treatment of Somatoform Disorders

Establishing good relations between doctors and patients is one of the main keys in handling somatoform disorders. The goal of treatment in somatoform disorders is to help sufferers so they can live a normal life and help reduce symptoms. To deal with symptoms due to somatoform disorders, it is recommended to first overcome the underlying mental health problems. If the basic problem is resolved, then the symptoms of the disease that are felt will decrease and improve. Doctors can recommend psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy to make patients understand the main reasons for the symptoms of the disease he feels, and give antidepressant drugs. Administration of medicines for somatoform disorders generally if the sufferer experiences certain psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders. In addition, it is recommended that patients only consult one doctor to help reduce testing and treatment and treatment costs. If you are stressed or have a lot of thoughts, it is advisable to divert it by doing things that you like, meditate, exercise, or confide in friends or family. When the burden of the mind and stress are gone, somatoform disorders will also disappear.


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